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Dance Track

1st-5th August 2022

"We are so grateful for everything Spirit has done. It has been life-changing."
- Dara Carr, parent


Dance Classes

As you’d expect, on a Dance Intensive you will experience all different types of dance classes:

  • Ballet

  • Jazz

  • Contemporary 

  • Commercial. 

As this course is aimed at performers who are already at the top of their game, these classes will be aimed to push you creatively, technically and mentally in order to help you pick up combinations quickly and overcome nerves.

Masterclasses, Workshops and Q&As

Our faculty are all industry professionals, but we understand that no person’s journey into this industry is the same - and the more people you speak to, the more of a rounded picture you get about the options available.

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to:

  •  Work with Masterclass Teachers

  • Take part in exclusive workshops

  • PLUS parents will also be invited into a Q&A session with admissions officers, alumni and creatives who sit on the audition panels.

Ask all the questions and find out everything you’ve been needing to know but previously haven’t had the right people to speak to!

Acting & Singing for Audition

“Why do we need to act and sing on a dance course?”

Believe it or not, nearly all of the top Dance Colleges in London include an acting and singing part in their entry auditions.
Not being prepared for this part of the audition is the number one reason that incredible dancers aren’t successful in gaining a place in the college of their choice!

This is what sets our Summer Intensive course above and beyond - we want to prepare you in the disciplines you’re most nervous about.

Our vocal coaches and acting tutors will:

  • Help you choose monologues

  • Give you tips on song choice

  • And give you the creative and technical direction to be audition ready!

Optional 1-1 Lesson

Performers are also able to book 30 min or 1-hour optional ‘add-on’ 1-1 lessons in singing, dancing and acting.
These sessions (held during lunch or after course hours) provide valuable one-to-one time with our industry professionals and are an excellent way to focus on a particular aspect of your individual development.

Optional 1-1 Recording

For those performers who wish to audition for agencies or go straight into the industry, we can provide professional: 

  • Vocal Reel Recordings

  • Dance Reels 

  • Self Tapes

Please note, in these sessions, performers are expected to be 100% ready to record/film and the focus of the recording session is to capture the footage/audio. There will be no opportunity to improve technique or performance.

We recommend booking a ‘1-1 Lesson’ in advance of a ‘1-1 Recording.’

"Spirit has helped her achieve more than she ever imagined she could."
- Sian Abey, parent

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