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 - Sophie Alibert, alum

  • When are the next auditions?
    Sunday 10th December 2023, 10.00am-12.00pm, Central London SE17
  • Who can audition?
    We welcome performers aged 8-20 years old. Those in attendance at our auditions range from passionate newbies, to seasoned young West End professionals. We have different teams on offer for varying levels of experience, so strongly encourage anybody try out if they have the passion and work ethic to thrive! At this stage we're looking for potential, and we will do the training.
  • I live outside London. Can I still audition?
    Absolutely! Most of the Spirit team travel into London, from all over the country. If you are able to make the journey each week and be committed to your training, we don't mind where you are from.
  • Do you have scholarship opportunities?
    Yes! We hold our annual scholarship audition in the Summer Term each year. Scholarships are awarded for our training for the following academic year.
  • What to expect at the Dance auditions...
    The audition is made up of four sections: technique, lyrical, commercial and a short interview with our panel. We work hard to make sure our auditions are fun, rewarding, supportive and educational, regardless of the outcome. Teamwork is strongly encouraged and all applicants should walk away having learnt something from the experience. We do not expect everyone to be a pro already! We're looking for passion and potential. ​
  • What to prepare for Dance Company auditions...
    You do not need to prepare anything for the Dance Company audition, we will teach you all the choreography in the studio.
  • What to bring to the audition...
    Please bring lots of water (you will be working hard!) and a snack/packed lunch. Please ensure you are wearing dancewear, have foot thongs/turners and supportive trainers for the each section of the dance audition.
  • Are parents required to stay?
    Applicants will be chaperoned by Spirit staff for the full duration of the audition. Parents/Guardians will not be able to enter the studio.
  • When will I receive a response?
    All applicants will receive a response within two weeks of their audition. Successful applicants will either be offered an immediate placement, or a spot on our waiting list (subject to availability of spaces in appropriate class). For successful applicants, the first week at Spirit will be a trial week before making the full commitment to the team.
  • What are the audition fees?
    The audition fee is £14 for a 2 hour Dance audition. These fees cover taking classes with our industry professional faculty and being reviewed by our expert panel.


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